Citygate Films
Good stories spark change.


We are hard-wired to appreciate and remember good stories. Stories create empathy and provide perspective. In a world where attention is the new currency, a powerful story cuts through the clutter.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Carolyn McCulley

I found my calling in kindergarten during "show and tell" time and I've been telling stories in multiple formats ever since. As a filmmaker, author, and even a podcast producer, I am driven by the narrative arc and am comfortable working within different types of media. 

I started Citygate Films in 2009 as new opportunities were opening for independent filmmakers to find audiences through social media-driven digital distribution. Since then, I've produced and directed more than a hundred short films for clients while also working on three feature documentaries of my own. My most widely viewed short film has been seen by more than six million people and was the inspiration for an updated story in Oprah's BELIEF series. My writing and directing work for Citygate's clients has won several awards (CINE Golden Eagle, Telly, Women in Film & Video); been featured on CBS and PBS television programs; screened at film festivals such as the Justice Film Festival and DocMiami; and posted on popular sites such as and 

Wearing various hats as a producer/director/writer/editor, I work with a talented team of collaborators across the nation to develop the right look and sound for each project. Decades later, I'm just as excited about inspiring people through "show and tell" as I was the first day I discovered the power of story in kindergarten.