Citygate Films
Good stories spark change.

The Power of Story

This promo reel is a selection of the work over seven years that director/producer Carolyn McCulley and a talented team of collaborators have filmed across the world to capture stories in places ranging from South Korea's DMZ border to then-closed Cuba. This story-telling reel showcases the emotions that create the spark for change. 

Director/producer: Carolyn McCulley

Cinematographers: Nick Midwig, Josh Fowler, Kasey Kirby, Michael Hartnett, Andrew Gallo, Brad Allgood, Chad Bartlett, Peter Nicoll, David Altrogge, Tristan Carnahan, Drew Painter, and Suzanne Glover.

Editor: Drew Masterson

Colorist: Suzanne Glover

Music: "Becoming Human" by Ryan Taubert