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One horrible medical error can leave a mother childless and turn her grief into a crusade.

BREAKING THE WALL OF SILENCE follows the women who have become patient safety advocates in order to confront the medical system that denies and hides the harm they inflict on thousands of patients every day. It's the job no one wants ... but every vulnerable patient needs. 

This film is currently in post-production. Directed and produced by Carolyn McCulley, cinematography by Brad Allgood. The video below is a work-in-progress trailer.


Some pilots are more at home in the air than on the ground.

One of the first jet fighter pilots in aviation history reflects on his 60-plus year quest to remain airborne.  From never-before-seen archival footage of dogfights in the Korean War to his present quest to push for more performance from his homebuilt airplane, James McCulley shows the grit and perseverance that earned him the wartime nickname, Mach One Mac. 

This film is currently in post-production. Directed and produced by Carolyn McCulley; cinematography by Michael J. Hartnett, Suzanne Glover, and Brad Allgood; edited by Suzanne Glover.


Music can make us better people. 

This was the experience of enslaved Africans who created songs to express their faith and hope, reminding themselves and others of their essential humanity and dignity. And today this is the conviction of a group of jazz musicians who want to ensure this priceless musical heritage is not lost. In their quest to use music to lift up humanity, the band comes to discover that in difficulty they must draw on the same "deep wells" of hope they offer to others.

Featuring Rosella Washington (vocals); John Blake, Jr. (violin); Sumi Tonooka (piano); Gerald Veasley (bass); and Harry "Butch" Reed (drums). Directed and produced by Carolyn McCulley; cinematography by Michael J. Harnett (U.S. unit) and Drew Painter (Africa unit); additional filming by Andrew Gallo and Carissa Gallo; location sound by Lucien Dowdell. Assistant directing by David Altrogge. Edited by Suzanne Glover. Original music in this work-in-progress trailer by Roger Hooper.  Sound design/mix by Defacto Sound.


How far would you go to save your country? 

Can a small group of college students from Botswana challenge conventional wisdom about AIDS in Africa to save their generation? Facing cultural taboos and difficult travel, this small group sets out across the nation for five weeks with three tents, one car, and a radical solution to save lives.

Released for World AIDS Day 2011, this film screened at Doc Miami and the Justice Film Festival, among others. Directed and produced by Suzanne Taylor Glover; co-produced and written by Carolyn McCulley; cinematography by Brad Allgood; edited by Suzanne Taylor Glover; original music by Roger Hooper; sound design and mix by Defacto Sound. Available online.