At Citygate Films, we tell visual stories to inspire viewer response.

We are an award-winning nonfiction film company with offices in NY and DC. 

We produce independent feature films about humanitarian, social justice, healthcare, and spiritual topics. We then use these same story-telling skills to create short films for a variety of clients with compelling missions or brand stories. But our work doesn't stop there. From pre-production to completion, we help our clients plan for and place those stories for wide social media exposure.

Our independent films include the HIV-prevention film THE ROAD WE KNOW (2011), and three films currently in various stages of post-production: the jazz film, A NOTE OF HOPE; the aviation documentary, MACH ONE MAC; and the medical errors film, BREAKING THE WALL OF SILENCE.

Everyone loves a good story. We can help tell yours.

Finding—or creating—a narrative thread has always been how we as a species find order in the chaos of life. And it’s how smart brands are defining what’s next in the chaos of modern marketing.

– Fast Co.Create "The Ten Commandments of Content"